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Artist Statement

My great-grandfather was an inventor and I knew from a very early age that building and creating would be an ongoing passion of mine. This creative passion led me to welding, working in metal and sculpting, which eventually became my career.

I was given the nickname "Scrapdaddy" early on in my career as my source materials are found in local scrap yards. As I am essentially the 'father' of my creations and often perform with them, the nickname "Scrapdaddy" is fitting.

As an artist, I am continuously challenged to expand on my work in order to reach the next level. The greatest satisfaction I have in my craft is in creating the works and learning from each, thus ensuring my development as a sculptor.

Mark "Scrapdaddy" Bradford

About the Artist

Mark Bradford (Scrapdaddy), a Houstonian for the past thirty-nine years, has had quite a diverse career in art. Having a great-grandfather that was an inventor, Mark caught the "creativity bug" at a very early age.

Exhibitions and Performances

Mark "Scrap Daddy" Bradford's sculptures have been seen extensively throughout the Houston Area as well as Dallas, Beeville and even Germany!


Mark delves into many mediums of sculpture, such as metal, concrete, and chainsaw art, allowing his creations to truly be one of a kind. Mark's art constantly evolves, so check back often to see new photos of his work.